Are you a do whatever it takes kind of person?

Hi everyone

I am so excited. I have booked the train/bus replacement to go to Bristol for Valentines Day tomorrow. I am celebrating being single.

I am going to the aquarium, then for a Thai meal. After that I will watch Robocop at the cinema and hopefully have another Thai meal before going home.

Some people would be put off by the fact that it’s a split journey due to using a bus as a rail replacement service, but I am a do whatever it takes kind of girl.

Once I have set my mind on doing something, that is it, I do it.

It is this attitude that is essential to a career in writing. You need to believe that no matter what, you will succeed. That whatever it takes, you will learn the skills neccessary to become a published Author and to live the writing life of your dreams.

When I first started to blog, I struggled with the technical side of things but I never gave up. I was persistent and consistent in learning what I needed to, despite being frustrated. Over three years later, I now teach people how to start a blog.

I spent months trying to build a website using templates, with many hours of wanting to scream or cry because I couldn’t get it to look right. Now I have three websites that I have created and that have had good feedback. They may not be perfect but I am proud to have created every part of them.

I was reluctant to use Facebook, partly due to a fear of safety. For my writing and redundancy help, I needed to have two Facebook business pages, and that meant having to have my own personal Facebook page. I took the plunge and created all three, despite not being comfortable with it. Now I usually use Facebook several times a day.

I believe that to a certain extent, we create our own destiny. I will do whatever it takes to better myself in order be able to write more and to help others, which is what I was born to do.

What were you born to do and will you do whatever it takes to achieve it?

Write soon

26 thoughts on “Are you a do whatever it takes kind of person?

  1. Lovely article Sandra. I used to think I was born to teach English to Germans but now, after getting ill last year and being away from work for 4 months, I know that I was born to be happy and doing a job that makes me truly happy before anything else. When I do what makes me happy new opportunities come my way – new ways to help and inspire others -. but I think it’s paramount to look after yourself first. That’s why I applaud your article and your attitude and I hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day doing what makes you – the No. 1 – feel happy xx


    1. Thanks Louise. You comments are fantastic and I am glad to hear you are doing what makes you happy and that new opportunities have come your way as a result. That happiness will filter into other parts of your life more and more, increasing your happiness. I am glad that you are better. I have a week off from work, that started yesterday. After a couple of days of fun, I will be getting back to finishing my Break through the barriers of redundancy book. I have some valuable content that I need to add and some content I need to condense. It has taken longer than expected to sort out the Assignment of Copyright with my illustrator and I had to do my 15 page application to go on the NHS staff bank. By the time I added 12 A4 typed pages of supporting information, it was about a week and a half later before I finished the application.


  2. Because of how long I was off Facebook, I keep forgetting to go back to it.

    I am not an all or nothing person, I have to work out if I will be able to do it, if my back can handle it


      1. I have it on my phone, along with a “Pages” app that gives me information on what is going on with my two pages on there


      2. Same here. At the moment I tend to use my phone for the internet more than my Mac because I am usually working a lot and when I am on my Mac I am focusing on my book. I have a ton of emails on there to catch up with. I am working on my book today as I really need to finish it.


      3. It is hard trying to fit everything in. I have a few days off from my day job and I am trying my best to get my book finished. Got rib pain today, so I have to keep resting inbetween doing my book.


      4. I forgot to take some of my tablets. So long as take them, then either I don’t get the pain or it eases off. I hate taking tablets. I keep trying to come off all of them but can’t at the moment. I was on 8 a day, now it’s 3. I hope your back gets better.


      5. Unfortunately my back will only ever deteriorate. But not to worry. Taking tablets sucks. What ones are they that you are and have stopped taking


      6. Sorry to hear that about your back. Omeprazole and Mebeverine are the tablets that I am still taking. I had to stop taking Domperidone (Motilium) I had to stop taking as they gave me a rash, made me feel drowsy and dizzy amongst other things.


      7. Yikes 😦 My dosulepin makes me dizzy and sleepy but they are a powerful antidepressant and anti-inflammatory When I told the doctor that the pain was getting worse, he told me to take an extra tramadol a day. I said that I was worried about becoming addicted to them, and he said it was too late for that 😦


      8. Yikes! That’s not good. Tramadol makes me ill. I keep trying to come off my tablets because I prefer to take none. I think each tablet leads to another problem.


      9. I don’t always agree with doctors. If you need the tablets, then you need them. If you think there is a possibility you don’t need them and the doctor says you are addicted to them already, it’s up to you if you want to try to ease off them or reduce them.


      10. Unfortunately, if I don’t take them I can’t move. Not just through the addiction, I know I could beat that through cold turkey. The shakes, cold sweats, stomach cramps and that, I can hide by putting my mind elsewhere. But it’s the pain I am in if I don’t take them. It’s that screaming out loud “somebody kill me now” kind of pain.


      11. Just catching up with comments because of all of the technical problems. I am so sorry to hear this Al. I know that pain very well. I have been in that much pain that I have been biting a pen in between my teeth and wanting to go to hospital to get pain relief. Pain can be so debilitating. You have to do what you have to do. Take care my friend.


  3. Sounds like you’ve really come on in your career. I think being motivated, driven and with an outlook of success is such a big thing when choosing a career as a writer. Have fun in Bristol tomorrow, I live in Bristol and at the moment the weather is kind of awful, I hope it is sunny for you 🙂


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