Birthdays all round

Hi everyone

My illustrator has extended my book deadline to 9am this Wednesday 22nd. I have typed up all of the chapters but still need to do a final edit on them. I also have the book blurb to do and most of the index to do.

This extension has meant I could spend some extra time with my Grandma for her 96th birthday yesterday and to see her today. She has been poorly and I really needed to spend time with her.




Also, I saw Daisy and Cinnamon for some of today, to celebrate their 2nd birthday.



Write when I can

14 thoughts on “Birthdays all round

    1. Thank you Sherri. 94 is good age. I know what you mean about missing, I still miss my baby Peaches and I am still upset about how she died. On a positive note, I got my other furry babies back yesterday, after a long vacation at my parents. I started back in my day job full-time today. Still got more work to do on my book but the cover is now finished.


    1. The same day – That’s incredible. 98 is a good age. I hope my Grandma lives to be at least 100. She loves HM Queen and would be able to get a telegram from her. Should be called a telegran.


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