What is your writing theme tune for 2014?

Hi everyone

Just a quick update.

Thanks for all of your comments and kind words. Apologies if you are still awaiting a reply. I am tight against a book deadline for my Break through the barriers of the redundancy book, that is 9am on the 20th of January. I will be getting around to your blogs when my book is finished but all of my energy has to be on my book at the moment, otherwise I won’t make my deadline.

My mum is looking after all of my guineapigs whilst I finish my book. I miss them terribly but my hours after my day job have to be used to focus on my book. Getting them back is the best motivation for finishing my book. It’s Daisy and Cinnamon’s birthday on the 19th.

I have gone back to work on part-time hours this week as I am not back to full health. I am still taking 8 tablets a day and now I have a cold/chest problem since going back to work on Tuesday.

Great news – Daisy’s lump was a hair follicle cyst. Not cancer or a tumor. – I am thrilled.

I have had to ban myself from watching most TV. Only one programme allowed each evening so far this week.

I can’t speak to friends much either outside of my day job and certainly I cannot go out anywhere in the evenings.

To keep my energy levels up whilst writing, especially since getting limited amounts of sleep and being ill, I have to listen to dance music almost all of the time.

This is my writing theme tune for 2014.

If you want the original slower version, here is it.

What is your writing theme tune for 2014?

Write after my book is complete


5 thoughts on “What is your writing theme tune for 2014?

    1. Hi Ute, I am glad you like the song, I find it very uplifting. I was in my day job today but not well at all. I think I was putting customers off because I look ill and was coughing, sneezing and more. On a day off tomorrow but may be going back to the doctor again.


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