Spice up your life with a bit of Cinnamon

Hi everyone

Not just on a cold winter’s day but every day, spice up your life with a bit of Cinnamon.







Apologies for not commenting or stopping by your blog much lately.

I have been off sick from my day job since the 5th of December. Thankfully I seem to be much better but still taking tablets for some existing symptoms. I am hoping to go back to work soon.

When I am not resting, I am working very hard to get my non-fiction book finished for the 20th of January. I am self-publishing and my illustrator needs to know by the 20th, the total number of book pages, so she can create the printed book cover version for me. After the week commencing the 20th of January, she is moving on to do other projects.

Daisy had to have another operation today. This time it was to have a much bigger growth removed than the large one she had removed around the beginning of November last year. I am sending the growth off to be tested for cancer. My mum is currently looking after her with my other pigs because I will probably go back to work in my day job this week.

Tomorrow I am hoping to see my Doctor before I have to have a meeting with my Manager.

Because of my book deadline and everything else happing at the moment, I can’t blog or comment as much as I would normally. I hope you understand.

Thanks for your patience.

Write as soon as I am able to


Cinnamon sends his wheeks!

32 thoughts on “Spice up your life with a bit of Cinnamon

    1. Thanks so much. I am determined that I will get better from this. I am on medication all the time for my digestive problems. The tablets help a lot but unfortunately I can’t reduce the amount because the symptoms come back.


      1. Bless you. My mum is continuing to look after my pigs and I have put a TV ban on myself in the evenings with one exception. I may watch a bit more tv at weekends. This is so I can get my book finished.


  1. Hope Daisy is recovered from her op (playing blog catch up as usually) we had a new addition to our house just before Christmas a little boy guinea pig which has been named Strax who was a rescue piggy and is now keeping our widowed piggy Buddy company (Buddy has had the snip so he happily accepted his new friend)


    1. Oh bless! I would love to meet them. Let me know when you post some pics. My mum is looking after Daisy with her brother Cinnamon. She is eating drinking fine. Her wound was weeping a little today.


      1. Thanks Al. I have so much to still do, including over 30 pages to write for my book, with 12 days to go. It’s a good job my mum is looking after my piggies but I am missing them so much. I get pig sick from missing them so much.


      2. Haha I like that “pig sick of missing them”

        I still have a lot more to do with mine. I have to leave visiting blogs, but I feel guilty doing so because they visit mine so often


      3. Is your email address on your site? My book deadline has been extended by my illustrator until the Wed 22nd at 9am. I have still got the book blurb to do and the index to finish. I need to edit some more of the book and work on the layout a bit more.


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