Happy Quirky Christmas

Hi everyone

Have a Happy Quirky Christmas and a Happy Quirky New Year.

That is what writing is about, after all. It’s about being quirky by being different, letting your creativity explode and standing out from the crowd.

Write as soon as possible

29 thoughts on “Happy Quirky Christmas

    1. Bless you Ste. I am guessing you have been watching a pantomime or two – ‘Dame to you!’ I don’t drink alcohol but enjoy mineral water and herbal tea, fruit juice too. Happy New Year.


      1. I missed them all this year as America doesn’t really do them and the TV over here isn’t particularly good, but then again I don’t appreciate TV in the motherland either. Happy New Year to you as well…oh yes it is!!!


      1. Yay! I get my kids after I have been to bed. Woohoo. For the first time in years I have not had them today. The last time I had Christmas Day without my kids was 2009 when I had the Sociopath come spend Christmas with me.


      2. Happy, Happy Boxing Day, for you. Why do people think that after Christmas Day, Christmas is over? It’s not. Boxing Day is part of Christmas. Enjoy every minute of it with your kids. A sociopath? Let me know more about that when you have slept. You had better get some rest to be fresh for your kids.


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