Celebrating writing successes and more for 2013

Hi everyone

Thanks for your lovely comforting comments during my time of illness. I will get around to replying to each one them when I can. I am still poorly but managed to write a post and publish it on my beatredundancyblues.wordpress.com blog site.

Despite being ill for a while now, in the post, I have focused on both my personal and professional successes for 2013. This includes writing successes.

As you are a huge part of my success, I thought you would like to read it so we can celebrate together. Here it is:

Hi everyone
I would like to thank you all for your continued support during 2013.
Not only have I accomplished a lot personally but professionally too.
Personal highlights include:
  • Receiving a Good Citizens Award from the police.
  • Meeting and speaking to HM the Queen at St James’s Palace.
  • Becoming a self-employed Tutor and teaching my first Blogging as an aid to recovery course – How to start a WordPress.com blog.
Professional highlights include: 
I couldn’t have done it without you.
I  would like to wish each and every one of you a Happy Christmas and a hugely successful 2014.
Stay positive
Sandra Bellamy

I would like to reiterate my thanks to you.


As I still have lots of work to do on my book over the next few days and need to get some sleep and rest, I won’t be able to comment, like or post as much. I will write as soon as I am able to, keep smiling, you are awesome.




14 thoughts on “Celebrating writing successes and more for 2013

      1. No, unfortunately not. I still have lots of pelvic pain, in fact it has gotten worse again today. I Was signed off work by the doctor again yesterday. Happy New Year to you for later.


      2. It would be good. I have been off sick since the 5th of December. My boss is having to get some temporary cover in my day job. I had a rough day yesterday and Monday. On a positive note, I can work on my book and see my piggies a bit more.


      3. I may be going back to work on Tuesday as I am feeling better than I was but I still have digestive problems. The Doctor said the gatroenteritis that I had, has damaged the lining of my gut wall and that’s why I can’t digest food properly. Most of the pain has gone now and a lot of my energy has come back. Last week the doctor said I needed to ween myself off 2 of the tablets before going back to work. I managed to reduce them from 8 to 6 but when I took less I had bad problems with keeping food down. Going to try to see the doctor tomorrow. My Manager of my day job wants to meet me afterwards.


  1. Oh Sandra, what an inspiration you are, such wonderful successes which you richly deserve due to your hard work and tenacity. Many, many congratulations my friend and I will raise glass of Christmas cheer to you 🙂

    I will be doing one more post today and then taking a break too so I want to wish you a very Happy Christmas and every blessing for the New Year.

    Get well Sandra and here’s to exciting times ahead!


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