Shauny Award – For Blogging Excellence

Hi everyone

Another award I am so thankful for.

I have been nominated by for this new award! Thank you so much.shaunya

I am thrilled to be nominated for this award! This is s newly created award. There are no rules yet. Shaun is ‘paying it forward’ and creating.


1-Show humanity, show love, be yourself, don’t be others, don’t gossip and share the award with 10 others.

My award nominations are:


Congratulations to all of my nominees for excelling in the blogosphere.

Write soon


14 thoughts on “Shauny Award – For Blogging Excellence

  1. Congratulations Sandra! I can’t think of another person who deserves this as much as you do my friend! Well deserved. Thank you so much for including me with such an excellent group of bloggers who are also very deserving of this wonderful award created by Shaun. It’s a wonderful feeling to be a part of our great blogging world, all my love and best to you, Penny 🙂 xo


      1. Yup, she is taking a shower at the moment. We just bought in the Christmas decorations. She feels guilty for not having been on in a while, time and inspiration haven’t been to kind but she is meaning to come on and catch up with everyone soon though.


      2. I am over in America with her and we are indeed and item, currently discovering what the future holds for us. I will give her a hug from you…any excuse!


      3. Bless you both. I am so thrilled for the pair of you. That is fantastic news. I presume you met through blogging? Please do give her a hug from me. Congratulations.


      4. We certainly did and it grew from there, it seems a lot of people are meeting through blogging, whether just meeting up as friends or otherwise. 5,500 is a good way to travel to say hello but i did and it went so well i came back again, I’m here until the 9th January which will end my three month jaunt.


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