Have a Snuggle with Snow

Hi everyone

Just a quick post to give you an update.

Unfortunately life is still very stressful for me at the moment and I am unable to blog as much as I would like to.

I went back to work on Monday this week. Cinnamon’s wound that was given the all clear a few days before, had become infected. I had to get anti-biotics from the vets after work and a solution to flush his cheek each day. I am still doing this.

Daisy had a big operation yesterday and had 3 or 4 lumps removed from her tummy and an implant put in. The lumps have been sent to the lab for testing. The problem is, she keeps trying to bite the stitches in her tummy and I have been on piggie watch since 8.30am this morning. I had to take her to the vets this afternoon, to be checked over and get her an anti-inflamatory medication. In the hope that she will stop biting herself. She is refusing to take it and so I have had to hold her mouth steady to ensure she takes it. I hate doing this but if she bites her stitches off, she will bleed. They made her a collar from a larger one but she thrashed her way out of it.

Good news – Snow and Snuggles are finally good together. Have a Snuggle on me.







Write as soon as I can.


16 thoughts on “Have a Snuggle with Snow

    1. Thanks so much Sherri. I bought Snow to keep Snuggles company after Peaches death. Snow and Snuggles have been together since I got Snow but they weren’t getting along for the first couple of weeks and it’s taken them a while to get this close. Cinnamon has had to be kept apart from Daisy whilst her stitches heal but I am going to keep them together if I can from now on, as Daisy looked like she was giving up on life this morning. Now Cinnamon is with her she is eating, drinking, jumping around and being like an incredible hulk again


      1. Ahh, so glad that Snow and Snuggles are getting along now and also that Cinnamon has brought such comfort and also new energy to poor Daisy. I really hope things start to settle down for you now.


  1. I love Guinea Pigs! We used to have three, one boy and two girls. The boy eventually had to go because he was too prolific. One year we had seven babies born on Christmas Eve. They are the cutest animal babies ever.


    1. Christmas Eve – How lovely. I am a huge piggie lover, it’s great to hear from someone who feels the same. When I bought Snuggles and Peaches, who were sisters, Snuggles was already pregnant and I couldn’t give her two babies up. Sadly Peaches died at the end of September. Snuggles was feeling a bit lonely so I got Snow to keep her company. Snuggles wasn’t too keen on Snow for a while but they have grown together thankfully.


    1. Thanks so much. As you know, Peaches died, then Snuggles had a tumor removed the next day. When I came back from visiting my mum at Torbay hospital, I had to rush Cinnamon to the emergency vets to have surgery on a face abscess and Daisy had an operation on Thursday. Daisy and Cinnamon have to have medication every day and Snuggles also has to have drops for her ears once a week. I don’t have pet insurance and my ISA is going down fast. Hence to say, my stress levels are enormous at the moment. Glad you like Snow, she is like a ferret.xx


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