It all happened at once

Hi everyone

Just to let you know that I have been a bit quiet with blogging for a while because a lot has happened at once. (Well over a few days, one after each other.)

I am currently signed off work until the end of the week with a chest infection. I am on 1000mgs of antibiotics a day and they make me drowsy, dopey, feel sick, feel dizzy and give me stomach pains. I have got some anti-sickness tablets that are helping a bit.

Last week, on Wed 16th of October, I spoke to my mum on the phone and she was clearly not with it and very ill. She saw a doctor and he gave her antibiotics and anti-sickness tablets but told her not to take the antibiotics until she was eating again but she was too sick to eat much at all.

On Thursday 17th of October, I went to a meeting with my Grandma’s care home Manager about the poor care that she has been receiving. My dad had to be there too for legal reasons. His idea of what needs to be done to improve the care in the home and mine are sometimes not the same so the meeting was a bit stressful. I was glad that I stuck up for my Grandma’s rights. We have a special bond and if I didn’t try to improve the quality of her life whilst she is still alive, then I would never forgive myself.

Work in my day job was very stressful last week because there were two different customer issues that needed to be resolved. One of these issues went on for 4 days and the other became bigger. I am pleased to say that none of these issues were through any fault of mine. I was trying to get them resolved for the customer but both were beyond my control for resolution. I had to wait for the relevant managers to taken action and keep the customers happy in the meantime. It was hard work.

After work on Friday 18th October, I spoke to my mum on the phone. My mum had seen a doctor at home and had been told to go immediately to Torbay hospital in Torquay. I arranged to stay at my friend’s house in Torquay that night and by the time I got to the hospital it was almost midnight. I took the latest train as I had to clean, feed and settle my guineapigs for the night. I had never left them on their own overnight before.

My mum has a rare eye condition that affects her kidneys and at that point they thought it was a kidney infection.

My mum was on a drip and exhausted, I stayed briefly to check she was okay and I told her that I loved her. The receptionist said the consultant would be coming to see her the next morning some time between 8am and 10am.

I stayed over my friend’s house and had about 3 and a half hours sleep.

I headed back to the hospital on Saturday 19th of October to see what the consultant had to say. He said she had pneumonia. Me and my mum were a bit shocked.

I had taken the day off work to spend it with my mum and later she told me to see a Devon Doctor on call whilst at the hospital about my chest infection. It was a good sign that my mum was telling me what I should do. He tested my chest, diagnosed me with a chest infection and prescribed me 1000mgs a day of Clarithromycin antibiotics. Which is the maximum dose for severe infections. I had these antibiotics earlier this year for a severe chest infection but the 500mgs a day didn’t work and only double that dose would work. The side-effects are too bad to work with.

When I got home on Saturday night after seeing my mum at the hospital all day, the right side of Cinnamon’s face was swollen up like a tennis ball. I phoned the emergency vets and took him straight to the vets in a taxi. The vet said he had an abscess and they could operate and drain it or I could wait until Monday to see my own vet. After Peaches’s sudden death, there was no way I was going to risk it and so he had surgery that night. The vet phoned me to say he had come through the anaethetic okay and to collect him tomorrow.

I ate a late meal then checked Daisy, just to make sure she was okay. I found two lumps on her stomach. I phoned the emergency vets and they said if she is eating and drinking then not to worry at the moment and to see my vet on Monday.

The next morning, Sunday 20th October, I called into work sick with my chest infection. I found a third lump on Daisy’s tummy and she hadn’t eaten or drunk hardly anything all night. I phoned the emergency vets and took her in. He couldn’t find any mites and he said he believes that they are fatty tissues and nothing to worry about it but to take her to see my own vet when I take Cinnamon at the end of the week for his check-up. They gave Cinnamon back to me to take home with Daisy. They asked me to syringe feed Cinnamon for the next 24hrs until he is eating all of his own foods again. He ate it from the syringe for them, but not for me. He hated it. Luckily he was eating his own foods almost straight away so I didn’t have to syringe feed him as often as every 2 hours. Daisy started eating too. The vet had concluded that Daisy must have been off her food and drink because she was pining for Cinnamon.

To cut an even longer story short. My mum is out of the hospital but still not well and my dad is cooking and cleaning for her. She had to come off one lot of tablets because they were making her have severe hallucinations and she phoned me up terrified. Without going into all of the details, she was seeing a younger version of me whilst I was talking to her on the phone. There was worse but I will leave it at that. The only trouble is, those tablets were the ones that I have to take for my chest infection. Although they gave her a higher than normal dose of 1500mgs. Without leaving an 8 hour gap in between tablets. My mum is worried about me still taking them.

I am drowsy from those antibiotics that I am taking. I finish taking them on Saturday night. The anti-sickness tablets that I am taking are for dizziness too. These also make me drowsy. Apologies if there are any mistakes in this post because I am really not with it.

Cinnamon, Daisy and Snuggles are all off to the vets tomorrow at 4.15pm to be checked over. Snuggles has been doing some face twitching and going on her side a little. It could be her heart and lung condition.

If I am well enough, I have to go to the hospital for a chest x-ray on Friday morning. There is no appointment, I have to go to the x-ray department with my doctor’s authorisation form, between 8am and 4pm and wait.

Apologies for the longer than usual post but I wanted you to know why I am not able to blog as much at the moment or interact as much on social media.

To look at the positive, I am blessed that my chest infection was diagnosed on the same day as Cinnamon had to have surgery because I need to be at home to look after him and give him his antibiotics.

Thanks for sticking with me. I am blessed to have such supportive and loyal blogger friends.

Write as soon as I am able to.


35 thoughts on “It all happened at once

  1. Sandra it really all comes together at once. Sorry to hear all that, and I do hope by now (sorry I am late, I had such a busy and struggling time myself) you are better, your mum and the guinee pigs are all well. I am reading hte posts backwards so I got the news of the pigs actually.
    Take good care of yourself Sandra! Hugs


      1. Things happen everywhere and we all have our ups and downs, so let’s hope we move to more ups again! My children are doing very well thank you!


    1. Cinnamon’s wound has been infected and I have have to flush his wound every day since Monday. He started another course of anti-biotics, that I have had to give him everyday. Snuggles has to have drops in her ears once a week because they have been blocked and Daisy had a major operation today. She had 3 or 4 lumps cut out of her tummy and they have been sent for testing.


  2. Sandra, I’m so sorry for all you are going through right now, you have so much on your plate. Please make sure you get yourself well and finish those antibiotics, nasty though they are. I hope all goes well for you with your x-ray and that you will soon be fully recovered, your mom and dad ok and also your furry babies.

    I have had to put up a similar post on my blog as I have not been able to keep up with blogging, writing or social media due to family pressures (I haven’t said much about what is going on as it is to do with my son who has moved in temporarilly with us – he is 24) and I am having to grab moments like this one to try and catch up with everyone but all my plans for blog posts have gone completely pear-shaped.I am trying to do short ones here and there in the meantime to keep in touch with everyone.

    Meanhile, as my lovely readers all said to me, we are not going anywhere and will still be here when you are able to return.

    Get well. x


    1. Thanks so much. I finished the anti-biotics and went back to work on Monday and now I am off for 6 days including today. Cinnamon’s wound became infected and although he is getting better, I am still treating it. Daisy had a major operation today and is recovering.


      1. I won’t get the results back for whether Daisy’s lumps are cancerous or not, until the end of the week. She had to go back to the vets for medication and a check-up yesterday and she has to go back on Monday. I am on piggie watch and can’t sleep much at the moment.


    2. I hope everything works out for you and your son. I understand that sometimes you just have to deal with what’s in front of you as a priority. Thanks for your reassuring words. Bless you so much.


      1. I am feeling better from my chest infection but I am stressed out from my guineapigs being poorly. I have to watch and monitor Daisy throughout the day. She had a big operation on Thursday and keeps trying to bite her stitches.


  3. Dear Sandra, Wishing you all the very best at this challenging time. I’m back in Germany now after 3 months sick in the UK and I know what the tiredness and exhaustion feel like. Take care of yourself, very best wishes Louise


    1. Thanks Louise for your well wishes. 3 months sick must have been so difficult for you both personally and professionally. I hope you had someone to look after your business for you? I also hope that you have made a full recovery?


      1. Hi Sandra, I am feeling much better thanks, just taking one day at a time. I am very lucky that my husband was able to run the school while I was away. The illness has taught me to put my own well-being first and not work too much – a hard way to learn but that needed to be so. Have a restful weekend, best wishes.


  4. You had more calamitous activity in a week than I had all of last year! Hang tough and hold on. We’re sending you positive and supportive thoughts. Hope you and your family, including the furry ones, are all recovering properly. 🙂


      1. Glad to hear it. Wish I could. Daisy has to go in for an op on Thursday next week and the doctor told my mum today that it will be 6 weeks before she is fully recovered.


    1. Thanks Chris. It has been a hard time. I am trying to make as much positivity from the situations as possible. For example, I wrote the first About me page on my new website tonight/today. It took me ages to engage my brain from the drowsiness that the tablets cause but I love writing and I am always more focused at night.


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