It’s Snowing!

Hi everyone

I would like to introduce you to our newest family member – Snow.

Snow is one year old on the 15th of this month and she used to live in a shed with her mum and dad on a farm.

Snow is a new companion for Snuggles who sadly lost her sister Peaches over two weeks ago.

For those of you who read about Snuggles’s operation to have a tumor removed, the lab results showed it was benign, it had been fully removed and it was a clean cut. With any sort of mass, it’s important that all of it is removed to prevent another popping up and having to be removed.

It has been difficult to get Snuggles to bond with Snow. It didn’t help that Snow hogged Snuggles’s igloo the whole night, on her first night in her new home. Snuggles tried to get in with her, that didn’t work. She waited patiently outside for her to come out, but she never did. Snuggles was fed up and looking a bit depressed when I checked on her at 4am.

The second night was much the same, with Snow occasionally venturing out and quickly in again.

When I had them both out on my lap to bond, Snuggles warned Snow to go away. I put Snow in the basket that I use as a place to put them both, whilst their cage is being cleaned. Snow leapt out of it and on to the bed, heading for the floor with electrical wires. I quickly put Snuggles in the basket and grabbed hold of Snow before she fell.

Snuggles has continued to try to push Snow away but not as much. On Tuesday there was a breakthrough, Snuggles nibbled or licked around one of Snow’s eyes, it was hard to know which from the angle. This showed she cares and is the closest they have been since I bought Snow last Thursday.

I have not long since got back home from my day job and Snuggles was in the igloo so hopefully she will be more welcoming to Snow and stop pushing her away.

The relationship between them is improving and Snow has grown in confidence since I have been having her out of the cage on her own. I think Snow will be fully settled into her new house pig role in no time.

Write soon

8 thoughts on “It’s Snowing!

  1. Awww welcome to the furmily Snow!

    Mummy says girls can be quite temperamental. If you are still having trouble with them settling putting them through something scary together can help to bond. Be that a bath, or a trip out in the car. It sounds a little harsh but it very successful. Our friend bonded three girls together using a bath after they had been arguing and stroppy for over a month and now they are very close

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


    1. Thanks for the advice. I did think they may need to go through something a bit scary together but they have already done the trip back to our home in the car together. When I bought Snow, I took Snuggles with me to meet her and there were no problems with them being in the box together, it was when I got them both home, the little monkeys. I have given Snow a bath but I don’t really want to give Snuggles a bath yet, as some of her stitches are still there and I am worried that she is going to be a bit sensitive and sore.


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