Reading Will Never Be The Same

Hi everyone

Whilst I was in London I got a new bookmark. Being the quirky person I am, it wasn’t an average looking bookmark. It was a funky bear with a head, glasses and a tail.


The thin body part goes between the pages. I haven’t used this bookmark yet, partly because I feel it is too cute to use. If I do use it, I don’t think my reading experience will ever be the same. I am not sure if it would distract me from reading, or make me smile and feel happy.

Here are another couple of bookmarks that I use.



What weird and wonderful bookmarks do you have and use? How do they make you feel?

Write soon

11 thoughts on “Reading Will Never Be The Same

  1. I bought a bookmark like your last one for my son, it is a teddy and he loves it, but he does not use it as a book mark, he is too cute to stuff it in a book!


    1. The last bookmark is a hippo but it’s hard to tell because his eyes are tiny. I am not surprised that your son doesn’t use it because it’s too cute. For now, I have put the bear on display where I can see it, next to my Mac.


  2. They are awesome and a bucket load of quirky! I always mislay bookmarks so either use a take away menu…why do they keep posting me these things, I never use them…or possibly just a piece of paper I wrote BOOKMARK on.


    1. That’s why they keep sending you the takeaway menus, because psychically they know you use them for bookmarks and what better way of advertising their company, for when your reading buddies come to visit you.


    1. Thanks. I grab pieces of paper sometimes too. In fact some of the books that I read, I place a lot of mini pos-it-notes on their pages so I can refer back to them for research.


  3. Our hooman has one like the bottom bookmark that is shaped like Peter Rabbit. Whee don’t know why she couldn’t have Peter Piggy but it is her favourite bookmark!

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil


    1. A cute bear with glasses, how could that possibly fry your kindle? In fact, if you have a cover for your kindle, his body will sit nicely within the sleeve and then you can have his tail and head poking out at you. Peekabo!


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