I Am Meeting HM The Queen Tomorrow

Hi everyone

I am currently away from home in London and very much looking forward to meeting HM the Queen tomorrow at St James’s Palace.

I thought you may like to know what I did today. Here are some photos to show you.


When I got to London, I ate this fish dish, in Maxwells in Covent Garden. It was very yummy.


After eating, I met a friend and we went to see Matilda the musical. I thought the children acted very well in it. The only downside was, we both felt it was hard to hear the lyrics. I felt this made it difficult to understand some of the story, as I haven’t watched the film or read the book. There were some good special effects and a great alphabet box jumping scene and a well co-ordinated swing scene.


I went to the cinema on my own to watch “Now You See Me” at the Trocadero Centre. I bought the largest salted popcorn I could get.


I finished the evening with a meal in my favourite Thai restaurant.



Now I am in my hotel room and going to go to sleep soon.

When you go to sleep tonight, sleep well and remember, dreams can come true.

Write soon

15 thoughts on “I Am Meeting HM The Queen Tomorrow

    1. Can’t have Pepsi or Coke, it affects my tummy. Salted popcorn is my naughty thing because it’s high in calories but I love it. I have lots of food allergies and allergies in general and so have to be very careful what I eat and drink.


  1. Dear Sandra, Quite lovely delicacies you had. Hope you savoured them just fine. We really need to splurge on ourselves sometimes, away from the stresses and demands on us, like you did!. Enjoy your trip and remember to share your experiences with us when you are back. Ciao.


    1. Thank you. Currently on the train back home. Had a fantastic time. It’s so important to live life and love yourself enough to do what makes you happy.
      Will be posting updates about my trip in the next few days. Need some sleep first to recharge my energy.


    1. I wished I could have done. No photos were allowed to be taken by any of us. Our phones had to be handed in before we went up the stairs in St James’s Palace. There was an official photographer there that we can buy photos from.


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