What Does Success Mean To You?

Hi Everyone

Every now and again, I like to publish a post on here, that is on my other blog at beatredundancyblues.wordpress.com as I think it may be of interest to you.

So here it is:

What Does Success Mean To You?

Success comes in all forms, shapes and sizes.

In order to be successful, you have to first work out:

  • What success means to you?
  • What success will do for you?
  • What you envisage success to look like?

Only when you are able to answer these 3 questions, will you be able to map out your own path to success.

To you, success could mean:

  • Owning your own home
  • Being able to put food on the table
  • Running your own business
  • Writing your life story
  • Having a family of your own
  • Having a good network of friends for support
  • Working in your dream job
  • Fulfilling your ambitions
  • Getting up in the morning pain-free
  • Being able to create things

Or it could be a combination of all, or some, of the above.

Whilst you are redundant, it is a great time to discover what success means to you, because if you don’t, you will never feel satisfied but feel like there is something missing from your life or that you are a failure.

Knowing what success means to you, is the first step on your path to achieving it.

Don’t waste any more time feeling like a failure but instead put your time and energy into writing a list of what success means to you and then prioritise them in the order of most importance and set goals to achieve each and every one of them. As you do this, you will be growing into your own success and moving along the path to lead a more fulfilling existence and a happier you.

So what are you waiting for?

Until next time, stay positive.

Sandra Bellamy


11 thoughts on “What Does Success Mean To You?

  1. I believe for me success has nothing to do with the conventional definitions. It’s come to mean knowing who and what I am and daring to be true to that, allowing myself to be open, authentic and to live with integrity and kindness and — quirkiness! 😉 Great and thought-provoking post !


    1. It’s great to hear your take on what success means to you. Success means a lot of things to me, from all different angles to do with the various aspects of my life. I would agree that what success means to you, is also the same for me but I have many other measures of success as well. I too believe that being true to myself and daring to be me and happy and content with who I am, is a measure of success. I am glad you found this post thought-prevoking and to hear that you too are quirky.


  2. For me, success is making people happy and smiley. it is a simple thing but requires nothing more than a nice word or gesture here and there. Simpla and effective, rather like myself, I might add!


    1. I really like that. Making people happy makes me happy too and being happy is a success. At one time in my life I used to want to make everyone else happy but didn’t think so much about myself. Now I am pleased to say, that yes, making others happy is great but making myself happy is also what will make me successful. It’s great to get a balance. I am happy that you talk positively about yourself being effective. Good on you. To your success.


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