Do you love the one you are with?

Hi Everyone

As you know, I like to be a bit quirky. In view of that fact, I am going to London for valentine’s to celebrate being single. I will be there from Wed 13th of February for two nights and I intend to have a blast. My motto is, if you can’t be with the one you love, or you don’t love anyone, then love the one you are with and if you are single, then that means loving yourself. You don’t need anyone else to make you happy, you can do that for yourself by:

  1. Affirming how wonderful you are – Write down a minimum of 20 positives about yourself. Try to read this out aloud on a regular basis. Reading five a day is good.
  2. Celebrating 5 successes every day. Write down anything from washing up to having an article published.
  3. Buying yourself presents – A writer’s journal. A book. Clothes. Perfume/aftershave. CDs. DVDs. Jewellery or whatever you want.
  4. Taking yourself out – For a meal. To the theatre. To the cinema.
  5. Going on holiday – To wherever you want, whenever you want. You could go to that writer’s retreat you have always wanted to visit.
  6. If you are feeling sad then comfort yourself. Give yourself a hug and say out aloud –  “Things will get better and you are coping very well.” Self-talk is a good thing.
  7. If anyone gives you a strange look because you are sitting on your own, simply by strong and happy that you are single and give them a smile. If you are confident that being single is right for you then why should anyone else question that.
  8. Write a book about the adventures of being a singleton – Watch this space, as there is a possibility that there may be a similar book from me in the future.
  9. Find what you were born to do and let no one stand in your way of achieving it. Being single is great because there is no one to hold you back and no one to think about but yourself.
  10. Educate yourself. Learning gives us knowledge and increases our sense of worth making us feel good. If you want to do a course, then go for it.
  11. Whatever makes you feel fantastic, do it and keep doing it.
  12. Praise yourself at every opportunity and if something goes wrong, then treat it as a learning curve to make you stronger. You will love yourself more for it.

In case you wonder what I am doing in London. I am going to see The Bodyguard Musical on Wed, to The Sea Life Aquarium and Mama Mia Musical on Thursday 14th February and to Paradise Wildlife Park on the Friday. I am doing all of these by myself. You can have just as much fun by yourself – Sometimes more because you can do what you love and what makes you love your life without the need for any compromises.

Write soon




13 thoughts on “Do you love the one you are with?

  1. Hi Sandra, just noticed you’ve been under the weather in your comments. You take care of you my friend! You are definitely one of a kind (a good kind). Sending positive love and energy your way, be better soonest! Penny 🙂 xo


    1. Ahh! Penny. That’s lovely to say I am one of a good kind. That’s really cheered me up. Yes, I have been very poorly. I had to return from my London trip early because I was shaking in the hotel. I had a fever and had to have two doctors out to me at my home. I am on the mend now but still not 100%.


    1. Hi Susan. Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you liked the tips. I agree with you, it is very important to treat ourselves well. Sometimes when we are in a relationship with others, we may forget to do things that specifically make ourselves feel good but it is important to do just that.


  2. Wonderful post Sandra 🙂 Lot’s of great advice! I wish you a really nice day and cool trip. Have loads of fun, love yourself, be yourself!

    Take care, all the best 🙂



      1. Aww, I’m sorry to hear about that! I hope you’re getting lot’s of rest and feeling better soon 🙂

        I do hope you enjoyed the time you got in London!

        Get well soon, sending healing vibes 🙂



      2. Thanks so much. I have been very poorly and still recovering. I saw The Bodyguard The Musical and Mama Mia and despite the fact I was very poorly, particularly throughout the latter show, I still thought both shows were amazing.


      3. Aww, hope you’re on the mend! At least you were able to have those experiences 🙂 Take care, lot’s of rest!

        Talk soon 😉



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