Birthday Pigs Are Us

Hi Everyone

It was my Grandma’s 95th Birthday yesterday and today it’s Daisy’s and Cinnamon’s 1st Birthday. What a contrast.
Daisy is white with a black and white face and Cinnamon is brown with streaks of a light grey.






My pigs make me smile every day. What do your animals do for you?

Happy 1st Birthday Daisy and Cinnamon.

Write soon

21 thoughts on “Birthday Pigs Are Us

  1. My animals make me want to commit peticide LOL Especially when my cat wakes me up at two in the morning by kneading at my throat with his claws “daddy, love me”


      1. Yeah I love him really. Although I do sometimes want to see if there really IS room to swing a cat in my house 😉
        I think I did. I’ll have to check my awards document … [loads up word] No I didn’t. Thank you 🙂 I’m honoured.


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