Reality Award – Seeing is believing

Hi Everyone

I was recently nominated for the Reality Award by Sharla from she has an awesome blog, so check it out. I am so honoured to have received this fantastic award. This is an incredibly visual award and makes me feel proud that you see my blog as an inspiration to others, thanks very much.

As always, with any award comes rules. From my research there appears to be slight variations to the rules, so I am going to go by the rules that Sharla stated:

1) Show appreciation of the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post.  Done.

2) Add the award logo to your blog. Done.

3) Share 7 things about yourself (See below )

4) Nominate 5 – 10 or more bloggers you admire. (Listed at the bottom of this post)

5) Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know. Will do.

  1. I have attended a Picture Book workshop in London with Author Julie Sykes.
  2.  I attended a poetry workshop whilst I was in secondary school.
  3. My favourite children’s authors are Roger Hargreaves who originally wrote the Mr Men and Little Miss books and is sadly no longer with us and Julia Donaldson because I adore her rhyming stories.
  4. I used to play with snails when I was very young.
  5. I love eating sugar free, gluten free, dairy free ice-cream, chocolate is my favourite flavour.
  6. I have put my Christmas tree up. I usually like to do this as soon as I can at the beginning of December.
  7. Christmas day and my birthday are my two favourite events of the year (and my guineapigs’ birthdays).

A big congratulations to all of my 6 nominees for this award, they are:

Still to come in the next post, will be my thanks any nominations for another superb award, this time it will be Blog Of The Year 2012, that I am elated with. (Huge smiles.)

Thanks to everyone who stops by, comments and follows me. Your support is a rock to me and I appreciate every single one of you.

Write soon


Reality Blog Award

11 thoughts on “Reality Award – Seeing is believing

  1. Hi Sandra, Thank you for the nominations. I really do appreciate your thoughtfulness! I’ve been very busy with Christmas approaching, so please excuse my delayed response. Congratulations on your awards – very much deserved!


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