Whose Birthday Is It Today?





It’s Peaches and Snuggles’ Birthday today. Happy first birthday to you. xx

10 Reasons why I love my pigs:

1 They are great company
2 Their cuddles make me feel happy
3 Their hay munching is very therapeautic
4 Their gentle nature makes them very approachable
5 They are inspirational
6 They are motivational
7 They are fascinating to watch
8 Every day I feel blessed to have such beauty with me
9 They are funny
10 They are energetic

And they can be noisy – Which I love.

What do you love about your pets?

Write soon

13 thoughts on “Whose Birthday Is It Today?

  1. Aww, lovely post 🙂 I especially liked your 10 reasons, really touching. I’ve never had guinea pigs but I’m sure they loads of fun to be around and cuddle 🙂

    All the best!



    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I can’t tell you enough what joy they bring to my life. I literally get pig sick without them and yes I love my cuddles with them. They have a warm energy with unconditional love when I give them a cuddle. I am going to London for a few days next month and will miss them but my mum does a great job of looking after them. Do you have any pets?


    1. Thank you. They are like teddy bears. I have had a life with pets and without and I tell you my life is so much more fulfilled and happy with them in it. I can’t imagine being without my piggies.


  2. Happy Birthday to you … Happy Birthday to you … Happy Birthday dear Peaches and Snuggles … Happy Birthday to you!!!!! 🙂 (even though it was a few days ago – this last part sung in a monotone! lol)


  3. A belated happy birthday to Peaches and Snuggles.
    I have a darling little buck rabbit Sootykins ( my pen name for my blog is named after him) he is more than just a pet, he is a wonderful companion and so affectionate. He is great therapy for me also, and he will do anything for a few raisins.


    1. He looks very handsome and I can imagine he is very loving, loyal and fun to be with. There was a time when I was unable to have pets in my life but my landlord lets me keep my four guineapigs in two indoor cages. I originally asked to keep two but one of them was pregnant when she came from the pet shop and she was still a baby when she had Daisy and Cinnamon, luckily my landlord let me keep them, when I told him ” by the way, I have two more in a cage underneath” and I explained what had happened. Thank the lord, as I couldn’t bear to be parted from any of my pigs.


  4. Thanks for sharing that Valerie. I think all pets are wonderful and I always feel better when I have them in my life. A very calming effect – Another thing to add to my list. I could have written a lot more.


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