I Won to Write

And The Winners Are…...

Hi Everyone

A-Z of Writing – D is coming soon.

I just had to share that I have won a prize for entering a blog competition.

Being a writer I am absolutely thrilled to win a Hamster Diaries notepad and postcards.

Now let me see, what can I write in the notepad:

  1. Ideas for How to books
  2. Ideas for Children’s Picture books
  3. Things that are on my mind (This could take up the whole notepad, so maybe just write down my top 3)
  4. Shopping lists  (A bit boring but essential)
  5. My favourite blog posts
  6. My top 10 websites to visit
  7. My friends birthdays and contact details
  8. 5 Positive things for that day
  9. 5 to dos for that day
  10. 3 ways to de-stress
  11. 10 Things that make me feel relaxed (This includes loud music, because of the quirky person I am, it chills me out)
  12. 5 things that make me feel good

Hummm! I am sure there are a few titles in there for future blog posts.

Whatever I write, it doesn’t matter, the fact that I am writing makes me feel good.  I want you to feel good too – so get out your notepad and pen and let your imagination run wild.

What do you like to write about in your notepad?

Write soon


9 thoughts on “I Won to Write

  1. Ohh you have lots of ideas brewing 😀 There are lots of pages so you can always combine a few ideas together if you get indecisive 😀 Its exciting thinking that so many creative ideas are going to be put in this notebook 😀 Could very well be the start of something great! xx


      1. That will be very handy then. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with a whole post lined out in my head, I never write anything down though so end up with bits of ideas by morning 😛


      2. I have received my prize and Tweeted a pic with a link to your blog from both of my Twitter accounts and one gets directed to Facebook so it will be on there too. I am not sure if I will be able to part with the postcards because the pics on them are so sweet and I am over the moon with my notepad. I was like a little kid at Christmas opening my package. Thanks so much to Eve for choosing me as a winner, I am absolutely thrilled.


      3. Ohhh lovely stuff, I am so glad you like it! 😀 Hahaha, I have to admit I kept one behind myself because it was so cute, lucky enough I made enough to send away 😛 Hehehe, I shall pass on your thanks to her 😀 I hope that empty notepad will be filled with scribbles soon 😀 xoxox


      4. As I am turning my quirkybooks.net site into my own e-book store in the next few months, I will definitely have lots to write about and I am sure the notebook will be just the job for outlining my new masterpieces of work.


      5. Oh wow that is fantastic stuff! We vote an adventure story about three hamsters 😉 that would be a certain master piece 😀 hahah, I look forward to seeing all these exciting changes D keep us posted 😛 xxx


  2. Hi Sandra,
    One thing I often write in my notepad are “Things I am grateful for”, especially if I’ve had a tough day. It’s not my idea, it’s from Robin Sharma the business guru and writer, but I think it helps us get a healthy perspective on life and focus on the positive if we do it regularly. Grateful thanks to you for this blog post! Louise


    1. Hi Louise.

      Thanks for stopping by. That is a very good idea. It’s so easy to focus on what didn’t happen that day and what didn’t go well, rather than the positive of what we are grateful for and what did go well. Thanks for sharing.


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