Fifteen Reasons Why Writing Is So Special

Hi Everyone.

I love writing.  Whether it’s a little, a lot, fiction or non-fiction, I love everything about it, for me, it is so fantastic.  But why?

I have listed below, some of the reasons why I love writing and why it is so special to me.

  1. It’s therapeutic
  2. Calming
  3. Makes me feel happy
  4. Brings my dreams to life
  5. Gives me escapism from the norm
  6. Makes me believe in myself
  7. Releases my creative energy
  8. Makes me feel talented
  9. I can express myself in a meaningful way
  10. I can use it to help others
  11. It nurtures my passions
  12. Explores a world where anything could happen
  13. It’s exciting, enthralling and fun
  14. I get to meet some wonderful characters
  15. Makes me feel good

I could continue to write about writing but now it’s your turn. I would love to hear why writing is so important to you?

Write soon.  Sandra

3 thoughts on “Fifteen Reasons Why Writing Is So Special

  1. Hi Sandra I am a writer like you and share many of the reasons you think writing is so special!
    BTW I gave you the Beautiful Blogger Award on my wordpress blog, Writing by Candlelight. Stop by and check it out when you have time. Your blog really is very beautiful! Good luck with your writing.


    1. Hi Dorothy

      Thank you for the Beautiful Blogger Award and for your kind comments.

      I have read your blog and can see you are thoroughly passionate about writing too, that is wonderful.

      Thanks for following me. Enjoy your website building.

      All the best.



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