10 Reasons to write – For non-believers

Hi Everyone.

For those of you who aren’t budding writers, you may ask yourself, why bother?  For some of you, writing seems to be more hassle than it’s worth.

But what if I were to tell you the benefits of writing?  Would you feel it was worth it?  Would you find a reason to write?

10 Benefits of writing:

1) Writing a letter or message in a card to someone, shows them that you care

2) The written word can often mean more to someone than the spoken word, because you have taken the time to write it.

3) Writing something nice about someone, can make that person happy.

4) Writing your own blog can give you a sense of identity and purpose.

5) Writing in a diary, can help you to acknowledge important events in your life and help to plan for the future.

6) Writing can be a form of therapy, by allowing you to offload your problems and worries in a safe way.

7) Writing a story can help you to escape from reality.

8) Writing about your successes in life, can inspire others.

9) Writing empowers you, by giving you a voice.

10) Writing to other people, whether it be via email, text, through internet forums, or by any other means, can help to form friendships.

Write soon.


2 thoughts on “10 Reasons to write – For non-believers

  1. I love writing letters and postcards especially because I know how warmly they are received. Such a simple act that makes such a huge impression! Great list of ideas you posted!


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