Self Publishing, fantastic or frantic?

Hi Everyone.

Since making the decision to self publish my picture book.  Things have been more than a little hectic.

Trawling the internet in search of the so called “perfect printer” has meant many sleepless hours.

After weeks of research, yesterday, I finally made my decision to purchase an Executive series Oki.

This decision was based on testing a similar machine in Bristol, with a sample illustration loaned to me from my illustrator.

It was fantastic to see my character come to life, my very own “baby owl.”  As I smiled with pride and contentment, I held the print in my arms, knowing my dream was about to become a reality.  My pleasure was abruptly interrupted by the technician, ‘helpfully’ declaring, I would need a binder and  a laminator and a guillotine and………….yes, I thought to myself, not to mention, paper and card and I am sure there will be other things.

On my return home from Bristol, I have been weighing up the pros and cons to self publishing and doing more and more research, in fact, life has been so frantic, I haven’t had time to do much writing, which is my obvious goal.   To be honest, there are probably more cons, mostly of the money variety, more going out than coming in.  It would seem hard for me to profit from it financially.  But as my illustrator reminded me, through her enthusiasm for our joint venture, at least I am “having a go”.

Although less in quantity, the pros will be life enriching, through the experience of learning new skills, the satisfaction of seeing my story in print and the smile it will bring to many faces.

Write soon.


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